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Recognize who you really are.... eternal infinite consciousness...! Empower yourself, reclaim your capabilities and learn to trust yourself again, your children and us as human beings. We gladly guide you on your way back into your soul. 

Learn to live in bliss and love again and return to your heart! When you don´t know how to continue or you want to change the way you live, you are just right on these pages with us! We change your life and help you to open your eyes for reality as much as you allow. We do not only want to accompany spiritual people, but also whole families and relationships on their way back into self-empowerment and a free world. Many years of giving seminars and intensive examination of global, worldwide political, day-to-day, spiritual and metaphysical topics of the matrix will be present with you. Maybe we have raised your interest in a big shift in your consciousness. Then just browse through our offered seminars and perhaps we meet on your next holiday in the independence camp in Hungary, which will profoundly change your life!

Or we will come to you... 

We are still looking for global organizations who can help us to build...

And our souls come back into our lives!!!

Thank you for your being & helping

Jenny Solaria





International soul nutrition center

and independence camp


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* 5.D.seminar center

* training center

* soul nutrition
 *5D products

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InLiNa International Soul Nutrition Center and IndependenceCamp eMail: Info@InLiNa.eu . EnglishHomePage: www.InLiNa.net GermanHomepage: www.InLiNa.eu Worldwide expansion in the coming months!!!

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