Interviews Jenny Solaria

1. Jenny Solaria out of the Polarity, InLiNa Seminar and workshop

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Spiritual Emotional Help (Healing) with English subtitles. An interview with Jenny Solaria from InLiNa Camp in Hungary. In each healing seminar with Jenny, you will be self-taught to help you alone. If everyone can help themselves, so is everyone helped. She helps healing souls to come out of the NewCage scene and to strengthen the self-healing powers with simple awareness given to us and a more conscious way of life. Particularly popular is the second day and part of the emotional healing, since here with the soul is communicated and one is called Jenny therefore also the Selenflüsterin. There is simply everything that blocks you strongly and your soul stresses on the table and you learn to heal yourself thereby. We also recommend to see other Interwievs and to register at one of their seminars. 

You can find German seminars here: or English seminars here: with mail you can also order English CDs with instructions.



2. Interview with Jenny Solaria to light Nutrition



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