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Here you can find all of Jenny Solaria´s highly energetic products and a description of their values and effects as well as background information and some pictures. Also available in information about and experiences with IWES (Inter-/multidimensional Water Energizing System = IWES). 

You can also read about our high frequency, often life-changing seminars and their contents. 

Actual price list for all orders from March 2017 until 31st December 2017. All other price declarations from older price lists, flyers, product information etc. lose their validity from now own. For seminars and accomodtaion the actual price on the day of arrival/ beginning of the seminar is valid, not the price on the day of booking.


CDs in English

  !! Now available in english: CD Self~Empowerment Vol.4 !!

  This CD excl usively contains intentions that will help you to        empower yourself. Jenny originally recorded this CD for  all  participants of her seminars "Spiritual Emotional               Healing" & "Soul Nutrition". She repeats the intentions on this     CD which you may then speak out loud for yourself. Use                 this CD in order to gain security dealing with the intentions of     the new time.


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