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!!NOW in the UK!! Dimension leap seminars with Jenny Solaria, near Findhorn/Forres, Moray, Scotland:

18th - 23th of August 2018

* The seminars will be held in German to allow Jenny Solaria to fully connect to oneness and speak from her soul and English translation will be given.


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Our independence camp

for summer and winter holidays in Hungary has now opened it´s gates. 

A very special kind of family-, relationship- or single holiday... come and play, learn and transform your life and way of being! 

Start your holidays from the 3. dimension and return with the knowledge of the 5. dimension! Change your life and learn how to really help yourself and your dear ones. Become self-confident and liberate yourself from the bonds and constraints of society, learn about your skills and senses, learn playfully how to convert to light/ soul nutrition, book our seminars on-site, activate your emotional intelligence, become clear-sensing and train to be in tune and communication with your own soul in a unique environment within our camp! Children learn communicating with animals, driving cars, horse-riding and become like children again... and grown-ups too...but its only in german language!

next dates: 01/08/2018 - 11/08/2018

 (Short description of the potential contents of the seminars... these are subject to actual changes and adjustments according to the group´s process during the course. )

InLiNa International Soul Nutrition Center and IndependenceCamp eMail: . EnglishHomePage: GermanHomepage: Worldwide expansion in the coming months!!!

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